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 Property Manager  Brett Everhart  248-860-9941  Email
 Tenant Relations/Corporate Services  Linda Oak  248-331-0214  Email
 Leasing  Tyson Butts  248-331-0215  Email

Emergency contacts

 After Hours  Brett Everhart  248-860-9941
 During Business Hours  (if Brett is unavailable)  248-262-8000
 Gas Leaks  Consumers Energy  800-477-5050
 Electrical Line Problems  DTE Energy  800-477-4747
 Fire or Police    911

Lease payments

All payments shall be mailed to:
c/o Linda Oak
P.O. Box 4013
Southfield, MI 48037

Checks should be made to the following entities:

 Ferndale Business Parks  
 360 Hilton  Hilton Camden LLC
 1100 Woodward Heights  NA
 1200 Woodward Heights  Woodward Hilton LLC
 Wanda/Jarvis  Wanda Jarvis LLC
 Sarmor Business Park  M & B Industrial LLC
 Red Run Business Park  32400 Dequindre LLC
 M-59/Crooks Business Park  Avon Star LLC

Move-in instructions

Mailboxes: Tenants are responsible for contacting the local post office for mail keys, if applicable, and to insure proper delivery.

Utilities: Tenants are responsible for transfering electric and gas service to their name starting promptly. Zicor Property will transfer service out of Zicor's name on the day of the lease start date. Should electric or gas service be interrupted due to Tenant not transferring services into their name, Tenant will be responsible for any fees assessed by utility companies to restart service and for any damage caused to units because service was interrupted.

Certificate of Occupancy: Tenants are responsible for contacting the local municipality to apply for and obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy must be provided to landlord within 30 days of lease start date.

Property maintenance requests

Please refer to the Property Maintenance page of this website

Rules & regulations

Following is a list of general rules and regulations. For a complete list of rules and regulations specific to your business park location, please refer to your welcome package or to your lease agreement. If you need additional copies of these documents, feel free to contact Linda Oak at 248.331.0214.

Parking: No parking on grass areas. Parking is allowed only in striped areas. Restricted parking for the Tenant is allowed directly in front of their leased unit(s), which is for loading and unloading purposes. Please refer to lease agreement or welcome package for rules on additional parking availability. No unlicensed, abandoned or inoperable vehicles shall be left in the parking lot for more than 48 hours.

Loading/Unloading: Loading and unloading of vehicles shall be performed in such a manner as not to obstruct the free flow of traffic.

Signs: All exterior signs must have prior written approval by Landlord. Such Requests shall be made in writing.

Heating: Tenant shall maintain a minimum temperature of 50 degrees in leased premises during months of November thru May of each calendar year.

Trash Removal: Trash removal shall be at Tenant’s sole cost and expense. Dumpster lids and access gates shall be kept closed at all times. Only trash generated by the operations from said premises shall be placed in said dumpsters. Hazardous waste, oil, steel, medical waste, tires, batteries, flammables and other materials which should be disposed by other special methods shall not be placed in the dumpsters. Trash removal will vary by location. Please refer to your lease agreement or to your welcome package for further detail.